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Wermo (wer moh) n. 1. A stupid person, an idiot. 2. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. 3. Worm. 4. slang Boy.
C-3PO last boasted about being fluent in over six million forms of communication on November 13, 2019.
The 1st & #1 Star Wars language guide in the galaxy.
November 13, 2019
H'chu apenkee all! It has been some time since I have worked on this site. Hoping to work on it off and on from now on thanks to a lot of new and exciting material in The Mandalorian. In the meantime, you can always like on Facebook which is updated a little more often.
June 21, 2012
Good news, everyone!  (I hope you read that inside your head as Professor Farnsworth).
I am now married which means I now have my life back which means I can now get back to updating here.  :P
I will be at  Celebration VI if anyone wants to track me down.
I have also opened up an etsy shop with a few Star Wars crafts for sale:
I also have items for sale on e-bay:
summer_jedi on e-bay
My apologies to anyone that has e-mailed me for lekku, costumes, or about the site.  I did almost everything for the wedding including making my own gown so I really just had no time for anything else unfortunately.  I am trying to catch up but please be patient and forgiving!  It is not easy running such a large site alone in addition to now being a homemaker and working.  I do sincerely thank everyone for the continued patronage, support, and content contributions!  :)
January 2, 2012
I hope everyone had an inkabunga Boonta Eve and continues to have a wonderful 2012!  CWG is entering it's eleventh year on yahoo.  I thank everyone who continues to visit and contribute.  :)
The facebook page continues to grow and because that is easier to update, I do tend to have more small news tidbits on there.  But do keep tuned here for more additions to the dictionaries and other special features.
I hope everyone was able to get their tentacles on the 2011 Hallmark Cantina ornament that features Han Solo and Greedo speaking Huttese!  INKABUNGA!  I got mine!  :)
And finally The Complete Wermo's Guide is now sponsored by the Hutters franchise!
here or the icon on the sidebar to learn more about this sponsor!
October 4, 2011
Again, many apologies for not updating as regularly as I should.  Been a busy summer.  I got engaged.  :D  Plus, I have just been neglecting my Star Wars duties.  It is not easy running this site solo in addition to my 'real life' responsibilities.  But I do my best, since there is no try.  :P  That being said, I broke down and got the Blu-Ray Star Wars saga, will have to see if there's any new language stuff on them.  Also must watch my Clone Wars set.  Until then, goopta mo bossa!
May 25, 2011
Happy Birthday to Star Wars: A New Hope today!  A marvelous day for Huttese as this was the first time the world got to hear this awesome language, in the conversation between Greedo and Han Solo in Mos Eisley Cantina!  Thank you George Lucas and Ben Burtt!
Family Guy's "It's a Trap!" spoof of Return of the Jedi aired this past Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised to see a little Huttese in it, although it too was spoofed.  Added it to
Huttese Transcript page for giggles anyway.  ;)
May 4, 2011
Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth Be With You!
April 27, 2011
I am pleased to announce I passed my exam and will be getting my Master's Degree in Public History.  Wizard!
Added 5 Decipher cards featuring Huttese dialogue to both Huttese Transcript, Huttese gallery, and Alphabet Gallery.  Don't forget to join the facebook page, let's get some Huttese discussions going!
March 25, 2011
Got Graduate Oral exams coming up soon, so this is all I can update at this time.  Finally have Shyriiwook and Yuuzhan Vong pages in the new format and fixed and made small additions to each. Thanks to all that have joined the facebook page, and I hope more people sign up so it can be used as a forum for learning these languages!
January 26, 2011
A Happy New Year to all!  I am currently settled into my new home, finished my graduate thesis, and now have much free time to devote to this site.  In the coming year, I hope to have more language content as I explore new sources including the Clone Wars series and books.  Also I have a special add-on I hope to finally finish that wuill be a lot of fun.  I thank everyone who visits and uses this guide and for your kind comments and contributions along the way.  I have had this site for over ten years, and I have done alot of research, not to mention the fact that I pay out of my own pocket to maintain it so I hope you all continue to enjoy it and keep coming back for more.  :)
I am currently updating all pages to be 1280 resolution and fixing any broken links, errors, etc..  I am only half done though.  Did add some new words to Gungan page though.
Also, CWG is now on FB, lol.  Please take a moment to "like" it.  Hopefully it will be a great opportunity for fans of Huttese and other Star Wars Languages all over the galaxy to explore and discuss these great languages and Star Wars in general.
August 26, 2010
Apologies for lack of updates, I do not know where time flies!
Had an inkabunga time at CV.  Many thanks to those that came up to me and know me from this site.  I will try and have actual updates by the end of September.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!
If you are an avid Twi'lek fan or costumer, please check out this new forum!
April 25, 2010
Had some updates in January that I never posted (new non-canon huttese words).  Had trouble with yahoo (again) when they closed Geocities, alot of graphics got broken links such as pictures and backgrounds which I am still in the process of fixing on each page.  Busy with work and school but hope to get more content soon.  Thanks again for your patience and visits!
December 30, 2009
My apologies for not updating in quite some time.  Work + school = little free time.  I am looking to make improvements to both the site and my life in the New Year though. 2010 I think will be a good year, especially with Celebration V in August!  Yay!  I will have actual language updates in January, including the generous contributions from the few that emailed me.  But for now I hope everyone had a nice holiday and wish everyone a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
September 19, 2009
Oooh, I'll have an update sooner or later, lol.  Although Lekku guide has some new stuff in it.  As for language and that special page I mentioned, still working on it.  Many thanks to all new visitors and those who continue to stop by and use this site.  :)
June 7, 2009
Gunganese now has a page of its own, link located on the Other Languages page.  Minor updates to Geonosian and Yuuzhan Vong.
May 24, 2009
This site has now entered its eighth year online.  Very happy to know that many people continue to visit and enjoy the site still today!  I greatly value all comments, suggestions, and contributions that I receive. 
Five words added to NON-Canon Huttese Dictionary.  Still working on Clone Wars movie and series transcriptions.  Look for it soon and a very fun feature coming this summer!  :D
March 29, 2009
Happy Spring to all!  25 new words added to the NON-Canon Huttese Dictionary.  Addition to Junkshop page.  A few more updates to come soon.
February 26, 2009
Updates to Basic, Other Languages and Shyriiwook pages.  I also made a few other little additions here and there, be sure to search for the special icons for hidden content.  ; )
A thank you to Ryan for sending in this fun link:
I have been reviewing the Clone Wars series for Huttese, etc.  Look for those additions soon!
Also I have noticed that on Mozilla which is what most people have been using lately, some of the features of my site do not work, such as the buttons lighting up when your mouse goes over them, or text does not appear when you mouse-over.  You will have to allow or temporarily allow this site to get things like that to work.  I have also noticed funny symbols in place of where quotation marks should be.  I have to individually retype all of those, which will take some time, so please excuse them while I work on that.  And my stupid crappy counter never works so...updating tally manually for now.

January 27,2009
Apologies for not having updates.  I have been busy with work, graduate school, holidays, and had trouble with the sitehosting.
An inkabunga New Year to all though!  CWG is entering into its 9th year and I appreciate everyone's continuing patronage and contributions to the site. :)  Hopefully I'll have an update up by the weekend!

October 27, 2008
In honor of Halloween, I posted the Prologue and Chapter 1 to my first novel entitled The Tale of the New Jersey Devil: Misinghalikun
More language content to come soon!
Happy Halloween!

September 18, 2008
I now have a NON-Canon Huttese Dictionary to fill in the gaps where Lucas leaves us in the dark.  This means that in addition to the official Lucasfilm sources, I have added words that I developed on my own, unofficially, nothing to do with Lucasfilm.  As this may displease hardcore canon people, there are two versions of the dictionary: one that is purely canon, and one that has both the canon and non-canon words.  Both links can be found on the Huttese page or follow them here:  Canon, Non-Canon.  Let me know if you approve of this feature or not!  :D
August 20, 2008
Yay for Huttese in the Clone Wars movie!  Unfortunately I will not be able to add it until it comes out on DVD but at least there is more Huttese for us all to enjoy.  :)  I am busy getting ready for Dragon Con next week so  I have been unable to update as regularly as I'd like to but after that is all done, I will definitely be adding more stuff including that unoffical Huttese dictionary supplement.  Please enjoy what I already have up though and the rest of your summers!
April 2, 2008
:o  An update!  :o 
Apologies again for lack of updates.  But I have added 5 new words to
Huttese Dictionary. Mostly curse words from the Star Wars Legacy comic series, har har.  One word to BasicLekku guide updated.  Martha's theory on Geonosian clicks added to Geonosian.
Coming soon is a dictionary supplement of words I have made up on my own but have a strong Huttese flavor.  This will of course be unofficial and not canonical Lucasfilm approved but for those that want to speak Huttese, it may be of some service.  :D
If anyone is having trouble accessing the sound bytes please let me know, because I am.

January 31, 2008
Lekku Guide updated with steps on how to make the ears.  Actual language content updates to come soon.
January 19, 2008
Heylo!  I am truly sorry for lack of updates to this site.  I have been super busy with graduate school, work, and the holiday but am looking forward to updating and maintaining this site for yet another stellar year!  Thank you for continuing to visit,.  Real updates to be added shortly (honestly :P).
June 11, 2007
Pictures from Celebration IV now available!  Will have a report shortly.
June 10, 2007
Finally back from Celebration IV!  I had an inkabunga time and met many new pateesas.
I was in the talent show, Star Wars Celebrity, and did a Huttese poem for it.  The poem and report on it can be found on the
Junkshop page.
I will have pictures up shortly, you can see some on my myspace page in the meantime, link also found in Junkshop.  :)

May 1, 2007
Toogi!  Here is link to my Celebration IV Talent Show audition where I recite my Huttese poem:
April 19, 2007
Hope everyone had a nice Spring holiday!  I have a few minor updates this time.  5 new words added to Ewok, some more pictures added to Junkshop, and here is a link to Mr. Klingon's podcast which he was nice enough to interview me for:  http://xenolang.blogspot.com/2007/03/attention-all-wermos.html
Also I will be attending Celebration IV if anyone wants to say achuta or even e chu ta, haha.  :P

February 24, 2007
Heylo!  Added Huttese dialogue from Star Wars Legacy comic book series to Huttese Transcript page.  I have been getting alot of spam emails and guestbook signings lately, so if you email me, please put a star wars related subject, thanks!
January 14, 2007
Happy 2007 to everyone!  A few small dictionary additions to Jawa, Huttese and Ewok.
November 30, 2006
Finally got updates finished!  On Huttese Transcript page, you will find the dialogue as it is written in the Return of the Jedi DVD subtitles.  Also added Cheunh (language of the Chiss) and information on Trandoshan courtesy of JF to Other languages page, and some info to Huttese. Hope to add more soon!  Happy Holidays!
October 29, 2006
Happy Halloween!  Update coming soon!  Sorry for delay!
August 29, 2006
Heylo!  Updates made to Junkshop, Jawa,  Shyriiwook, Other Languages, Mand'oa and Yuuzhan Vong pages.  Also, in Star Wars Insider #89 on page 11, there's a little blurb about the history of Aurebesh and a link to a site:  http://www.echostation.com/features/aurebesh.htm.  Check it out!
Thanks to all those that emailed with kind comments, contributions, questions, and corrections, much appreciated!

July 31, 2006
Happy summertime to everyone!  A few updates made to various pages.  Pictures added of Celebration 3 and Boston Star Wars exhibit located on pictures page.  Added Corellian page to Other Languages.  I noticed that I missed my own site's 5th anniversary lol, even though the site has been around since 2000...unfortunately I forget the exact date which was lost when the starwars.com homestead sites were nixed.  Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone that ever visited it, made a nice comment about it, and contributed.  It is that support which keeps me at it.  : )
The Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages (from Greenwood Press) by Tim Conley & Stephen Cain is now on sale.  The Complete Wermo's Guide was used as a source for it and is supposed to be listed in the book itself as a source I believe.  Check it out!
June 15, 2006
Shyriiwook, Yuuzhan Vong, Geonosian, and Links pages are all now operational!
Also in the newest Star Wars Insider, Issue 88, there is an article about the origins of the word
Darth.  This can be found under heading Rakatan on my Other Languages page for those of you that do not get the magazine.
June 9, 2006
Mandalorian page is now operational!  More updates to come!
June 6, 2006
This domain is now active.  Please bookmark the new domain's address if you havent already and if you have a site with a link to mine, please, also update the new address.  : )
I'm very happy to finally be able to present this site with all of the features I alway wanted, more graphics and sounds and pictures etc.  And of course now that the most urgent issue of data transfer is solved, I will be adding more lingual content as well!  There is still some construction left to do, but for the most part the site is up and running properly.  Thank you for continued patience and for visiting!

June 5, 2006
I went to Wizard World Philly on Saturday.  Saw Matthew Wood(!!!) who portrayed Bib Fortuna in Episode I and was the voice of General Grievous not to mention his sound effects work with Ben Burtt on the prequel trilogy, and Kevin Smith.  Here are some pictures.  I asked Matthew Wood what 'E chu ta' means but he did not know and said something like he thought the Ewoks said it too.  He was very nice but I was not expecting to talk to him so I didnt get a chance to ask him anything else useful, lol.  Was very cool even getting a pic with him and chatting tho, he even shook my hand!  And Kevin Smith told some very funny stories, Clerks 2 looks to include more Star Wars references including a great scene where the true trilogy (Star Wars) is defended against the false one (LOTR).  Awesome stuff.  :)
May 25, 2006
I am having trouble with Geocities plus which is my domain host and which i am paying for their service.  >_<  4 emails over a techical issue and all automated responses that do not solve my problem at all.  If anyone knows of a domain host that has good customer service and has a design program similar to pagebuilder, please let me know.  These technical issues with geocities are preventing me from getting the new domain site launched and thus avoiding the data transfer issue the current free site suffers from.
Or if u have an answer to why my EDIT and FORMAT drop down menus on Pagebuilder toolbar do not work, then maybe u can help me, contact me if so.  Thank you.
May 22, 2006
I am currently in the process of switching every page to a domain I just purchased.  I hope to have it completely transferred and up and running in early June.  Thank you for your patience with the unavailibility of this site due to data transfer issues.  The new domain will not have those problems.  The new site address will be:
March 25, 2006
Many thanks to Dark Emperor (SL3313) of the 501st Garrison for sending me alot of information on various languages, some of which you'll see scattered throughout the site.  20,000 hits, yubnub!!!
February 28, 2006
Achuta!  Finally getting to make some larger updates.  And I am very sorry for those that have trouble accessing this site.  I am still looking into options to get my own domain.  In the meantime I am going to strip the pages down even more.  Added that great Mandalorian information to Other Languages along with some great information from Eli on Hapan and much more so please look around!
February 12, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!  Been very busy but have alot of new information to add this week.  But for now I will let you all know about an article in the latest Star Wars Insider about Mandalorian which is very exciting news.  I will have excerpts from it this week!
December 20, 2005
Happy Holidays everyone!  Made a very few updates on various pages been bizzy bizzy bizzy, but hope to get more done in New Year.  Speaking of which, I wish everyone a very inkabunga 2006!!!
October 21, 2005
Happy Halloween all!  Updated various pages here and there.  Thanks to Andrzej for contributing info to Huttese 101.
September 20, 2005
Added a little to a few pages, thanks to DJ, Steve, and Zyga for their contributions this update.  Please sign my guestbook and tell me how I can make this site better for you!  Thanks!
August 12, 2005
Heylo! The
Shyriiwook page is now up. Also added to Ewok, Jawa, Huttese, and Other Languages pages. Thanks to all those that continue to contribute and send me comments!
June 29, 2005
Chut chut all! Added words to Huttese, Ewok, and Jawa. And some minor things in Junkshop. I have added a Huttese poem to
Junkshop as well, one I wrote for the Star Wars Galaxies Miss Galaxy pageant. It helped me win the Miss Naboo title I believe. :) Enjoy!
May 24, 2005

ROTS was amazing!  Not much for languages in it but oh well.  Made some updates on various pages.  I am very sorry if you have trouble accessing this site due to it exceeding bandwidth or whatever. I am stripping it down some until I find a solution such as getting my own domain or something.  So the soundbytes will be missing and also some pictures.  If you have continued problems please let me know.

May 5, 2005

I had a lot of fun at C3. I dressed as a Twi'lek, if you want to see a picture plus those of other Twi'leks, click
here. More pictures to come.
Thanks to this update's contributors. Some updates to Other Languages, and in process of spreading this site on another account to avoid the data transfer issue which must be annoying to those who try to access this site.
March 10, 2005
A few minor updates on Huttese, Jawa, and Ewok Dictionaries.
February 10, 2005
Many thanks go out in this update to John and
Andy with their contributions to the Yuuzhan Vong and Geonosian pages respectively. Also updates to Huttese, Basic, Jawaese, Links, and Other Languages pages. Happy V-day!
January 12, 2005
Happy New Year to everyone! This is CWG's 4th year! Wow! And 2005 will be a big year for us all with
Revenge of the Sith coming in May. In the meantime I made a few updates to a few pages. Added Talusian dialogue from SWG to Other Languages page, dialogue from the fan film A Rising Threat to the Transcript page, and soundbytes to Huttese 101 and some new Huttese dictionary terms. And the Forum is getting shut down :P. Please contact me with any comments or questions, thank you.
November 19, 2004
Greetn's, some small updates to many of the pages. I am shutting down the Star Wars Living site because I prefer to work on this one. Also, the Forum will be next to go unless there is some interest in it within the next month. Thanks again to all that visit this site.
October 19, 2004
Chut chut! Updates on Ewok, Geonosian, and Basic pages. Also the new Complete Transcript page is now operational, you can access it from the Junkshop page. Thanks to those that contributed this past update!
September 8, 2004
I have added a little something to most of the main pages: Huttese Dictionary, Other Languages, Basic, Ewok, and Junkshop. Please contact me if you would like to contribute or have any questions or comments, thanks!
August 3, 2004
A thousand pardons my pateesas for not updating in a while. You will find new words for Huttese and Ewok as well as additions to Links, Other Languages, and the Junkshop pages. And a thousand thanks for all those that continue to visit the site, e-mail me, and sign the guestbook.
May 25, 2004
10 new words to Huttese Dictionary, new dialogue in Huttese transcript page from Bounty Hunter Game courtesy of Scott M., pictures on Basic, Huttese, and Jedi pages and link to MrKlingon.org, and thanks to Agira Taa for contributing instructions for downloading a font which can be seen in the Junkshop.
I went to Wizard World East in Philly on May 22nd and saw Admiral Motti, Amanaman, and Shaak Ti. They were all very nice people.
*Some funky stuff happening with my banners...instead of Star Wars sites they are linked to, stupid spam pop-up banners are there instead...If you see spam banners instead of the Star Wars banners...please tell me so I know if it's just my computer or not. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
May 11, 2004
Achuta! I have made updates to many of the pages here, so have a look around for them. Thanks to Scott M. for continued contributions. Please sign my guestbook!!! And please contribute if you have anything you don't see here already.
April 6, 2004
Greetings citizens. I have made a few updates to various pages, added words and such.
A very special thank you to Scott M. for his contributions to the Geonosian page.
March 27, 2004
I now have a
Forum. A special thanks to Leia Organa for suggesting one and some websites that offered free ones.
March 2, 2004
Five new dictionary entries each to Huttese and Ewokese. Some corrections to Other Languages, thanks to those that e-mailed me about Bossk.  Also on Other Languages page, a link to the new Jawa page with a dictionary, lessons, and transcript section.  Also information on 'Da Wherda Verda' courtesy of Alakran. Sign my guestbook and tell me if you like the site's new look or not or if you have any other comments or suggestions!
February 4, 2004
I'm baaaack! Let me just tell you what torture it was to not be able to work on my site.
Secondly let me thank those that have signed my guestbook with such nice comments and those that have e-mailed me with the same and contributions.
Thirdly I have made many additions to the site, just about every page has something new from new dictionary entries to new dialogue to new pictures. I have added a new page called the Junkshop where you will find all kinds of things including the links to the Alphabet Gallery and Complete Transcript. A link to Geonosian is now located on the Other Languages page as well as a link to a new language called Yuuzhan Vong.
Do you like my new look? I think it's more sophisticated myself... There will be hidden treats throughout the site for those who wish to find them.
January 9, 2004
Achuta wermos! I hope everyone had an inkabunga Boonta Eve holiday. I am still working on getting internet at home to add lots of super wizard things to this site. So please bear with me for just a little while longer. In the meantime let us rejoice over those breathtaking holopics from the explora-droid that recently touched down on the mid-system planet of Mars.
November 28, 2003
Okey-okey, I got my new computer, now all I need is internet service! In the meantime, check out this site, I did some Huttese dialogue for their film:
Also, if anyone has any information on the language spoken by the female Sith in the Clone Wars cartoon, I would greatly appreciate it.
October 17, 2003
Due to chain of events that started with stupid Yahoo Geocities changing format of Pagebuilder, computer I update on got Trojan virus. Don't worry about your computer though if I sent you an e-mail, cause I used a different computer for that, so you can send me e-mails without worrying about it, if you were worried... I'm getting a new computer very soon. In the meantime, thanks to William for telling me about Yuuzhan Vong language in New Jedi Order series, and check out this site:
September 1, 2003
I had a lot of really super and fun things to add but stupid Yahoo geocities pagebuilder is not working, I am using the html editor now to tell you this but it's too much trouble for the amount of work I do on the rest of the site. Sorry about that. Hopefully they will fix the problem and I will be able to give you an update soon. In the meantime, please sign my guestbook and tell me how I'm doing, and e-mail if you have any comments, questions or would like to contribute to the site. I am always on the lookout for information about Star Wars languages that I am not aware of yet. Full credit to you of course! Goopta mo bossa! (May your mind not evaporate.)
August 5, 2003
Added new pages called the Alphabet Gallery and Complete Transcript. In the Alphabet Gallery you will find photos of various Star Wars language fonts, scripts, alphabets, and symbols that I have scattered throughout my other pages respective to their languages. On the Complete Transcript page is all non-Basic dialogue including Jawa, Huttese, Krantian and others.
August 2, 2003
Added some new grammar material to Huttese courtesy of Andras Rajki. Also, 5 new words to Basic.
August 1, 2003
Added 20 new words to Huttese Dictionary Added 10 new words, grammar, and two different versions of Ewok Celebration song to Ewok.
PS: Just thought I'd share the good news with you, I now have a niece born 7/31, 6 lbs, 4 oz! She is a luu theesa. ;)
July 11, 2003
Added 10 new words to Huttese Dictionary, 2 new sites to Links page, and entirely new Geonosian page.
Thanks to those that continue to e-mail and sign my guestbook.
July 10, 2003
Added 10 words and 8 photos to Basic. Added 5 words and cool related link to Ewok. Added new photo section to Huttese.
By the by, guess who signed the guestbook!!! Toby Philpott who operated Jabba's left arm, body, and tongue in Return of the Jedi!!! Inkabunga!!! After you sign my guestbook ;), you should visit his site which is in his guestbook entry.
July 8, 2003
A few small additions to Huttese and Other Languages, more to come in the following days.
May 29, 2003
Added links of sites of those that have signed my guestbook to Links page.
Someone signed my guestbook asking if I would have a Forum; I would love to, but I have no idea how to do that so it doesn't look like I will have a Forum anytime soon. Maybe some day I will do that as my page grows, but I do appreciate the positive responses I get to this page. :)
May 27, 2003
I am going to the Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia on May 31st, this Saturday, if anyone out there who also happens to be going wants to say a quick h'chu apenkee; that would be wizard. Made some corrections to Huttese Dictionary, added a few things to Huttese Dialogue.
May 26, 2003
Added 24 new words to Huttese Dictionary. Many thanks to Andras Rajki of Hungary for his contributions to that page!
Also added a new feature to the Huttese page: Huttese Lessons, please take a look!
May 25, 2003
Happy Memorial Day. I have added my page on Ewok which includes history, a dictionary, lessons, dialogue, font, and more. I have added alot of new stuff to the Basic page like pictures of the alphabets, lessons, and more. I have also separated the other languages from Huttese101 and gave them their own page. Adding more to Huttese shortly.  Please sign my guestbook wermos! ;)
April 27, 2003
H'chu apenkee! I have added a guide to Basic, will add guide to Ewok soon. There is a lot of great information about languages in the latest Star Wars Insider# 67 in the Return of the Jedi section. Check it out!
March 16, 2003
Top o' the galactic standard day to ya! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. One new word in Dictionary, added Krantian to Other Languages, and to Dialogue, I added Geonosian dialogue from AOTC and Krantian from Galactic Battlegrounds PC Game. Special thank you to those that have e-mailed me with questions and comments. More to come soon!
December 26, 2002
Happy Holidays! I have added my phonetically transcribed version of Attack of the Clones to Dialogue page. I am working on Poggle the Lesser's dialogue to add to it soon. Also added five new words to Dictionary: Wooky, slagwa, punyoo, porkman, and okey-okey. Please sign my guestbook and Happy 2003 to you!
December 6, 2002
I would like to thank everyone for visiting my site. November was my biggest month yet with visitors! I have noticed that many sites visited before mine are messageboards, because people all over the world were nice enough to mention my site and put a link to it and for that I am very thankful!
I have added to the Dialogue section a potential Mandalorian phrase from the Attack of the Clones DVD spoken by Jango Fett to Boba. Also added ten words to Huttese Dictionary, new words will be highlighted in red from now on. Added Mandalorian, Geonosian, and Shadda-Bi-Boran to Other Languages. Added 1. SithNET to Links section. I hope to add a Lessons section soon.
October 5, 2002
I have added some information to Other Languages page like some Nikto words. I have added 5 new words to the Huttese Dictionary: porko, nagoola, magi, azalus, and bota plus fonts and links to access them. In the Dialogue section, I have separated all versions of Huttese, for example, the Huttese from the Phantom Menace Insider's Guide and from the Phantom Menace Illustrated Screenplay are no longer mixed with my phonetically transcribed version of the Episode I film. I have also added Slide Paramita's phrase from the Podracer PC game and dialogue from the Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina collection of stories. Also added Link to Jango Fett's Domain to Links page, plus 2 others who had signed my guestbook, Mos Espa Space Port and YodaMac. Please sign my guestbook or e-mail me with any comments, etc.
September 21, 2002
Hello all! I have revamped Dialogue, it was a bit confusing with all of the color fonts but I am working on changing that now that I have so much Huttese from so many different sources. Also, look for a page soon that lists all Huttese sources. Will also be adding Gungan dialogue soon.
August 13, 2002
I have updated Dialogue with Huttese from Tales of the Jedi: The Collection by Tom Veitch. Also the Huttese from the Episode II novel. To Huttese Dictionary, I have added numbers and 20 more words. To Huttese 101 I have added lessons for some new languages. There are some other additions here and there so look around a little!
June 3, 2002
My pages were not working, I don't understand why, but hopefully they are now working for all of you; I resaved them. Stupid computers. Anyway, I have also added two lines of Huttese dialogue from Attack of the Clones. I am also adding more Celebration II photos to the Multimedia section of my other page: Star Wars Living. Also added are pictures from the Wizard Comic Convention in Philadelphia from May 11 2002, Kevin Smith and Davy Prowse. Please check them out, please sign my guestbook, and if you would like to contribute email me! Later poodoodes!
May 16, 2002
Hello again. AOTC was awesome!!! And there was more non-Basic languages in it than I expected!!! Anakin is all "Chut chut, Watto."  Awesome!
If you want to see some Celebration II photos of mine, goto my Star Wars Living page and then goto the Multimedia section. Don't forget to sign my guestbooks.
PS: When I preview this no pictures or even background come up, I don't know what's going on, hopefully it will fix itself.
May 15, 2002
Hello. I have added the deleted Greedo/Wald scene to Dialogue. Also a Bocce phrase to Other Languages page. I may have some C2 pictures up soon.
I'm going to see AOTC tomorrow at 10 am. The midnight show was sold out, but 10 am will be good too. Can't wait!
By the way, I AM A GIRL! I just want to reiterate that because I get the feeling people who visit this site (as well as my other) think it's a typical boy site, and I'm not a boy. I'm Summer, a girl.
April 30 2002
Thank you to those that visited my website and signed my guestbook!!!
I am very fortunate because I am going to Celebration II. I will probably have some news/pictures on that when I get back. I can't wait to go. I'll be dressed as Padme when she is packing to leave Coruscant for Naboo, the black and gray outfit, if any of you that are going want to keep an eye out for me, hehe. :)
April 25, 2002
Episode II is approaching!!! I hope there is some new Huttese in it. If not, perhaps some other languages. Not much else is going on. Please sign my guestbook or email me with any comments, etc.
February 28, 2002
I am finally re-launching The Complete Wermo's Guide to Huttese and Other Star Wars Languages after a three-month hiatus due to the shut down of fan pages at starwars.com. This page will be the same as it was before but hopefully with some improvement. New words have been added and coming soon script from the Episode I DVD. Please enjoy your visit and send any comments or questions or if you want to contribute words, art, or anything else to


December 2, 2001

I am having ALOT of trouble with homestead and my dictionary, when I bring it up to edit it there is nothing but white, it's gone, but when I view it the last version saved is still there. Not that that means anything to you but, I did have about 20 new words to add and I can't add them without totally redoing the entire page but I am working on a better version so please stay with me. I AM REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT! Plus I have heard that starwars.com is shutting down the fansites, so I will have to transfer not only this site but my other one as well to a different website thingie, probably geocities, whatever is free.
September 21, 2001
My first Wermo's Guide poll is over.
The question was:
Who speaks the best Huttese?
The results are: Bib Fortuna and Watto both with 0 votes
Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba both with one vote
And Jabba the Hutt with 4 votes so clearly Jabba speaks the best Huttese.
Please take my new poll below!
May the Force be with America and the free world and our wonderful troops!

August 9, 2001

Ben Burtt's Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide: Beeps, Bleats, Boskas, and Other Common Intergalactic Verbiage is now on sale! The list price for this 175-page paperback is $8.00. It not only has Huttese but Ewokese, Bocce, Gungan, and Wookiee phrases! A must have to be sure.
Also, some new phrases added to Huttese Script and words to Dictionary.
July 11, 2001
I have finished posting the Huttese phrases from the Gamer #5. You can find them on the Other Huttese Script page at the very bottom. There are also some notations made in the episode sections, clarifications and such. Huttese 101 is also updated. Please check them out and sign my guestbook.
July 9, 2001
Major stuff happening! In Star Wars GAMER Issue #5, there is a 4 page spread on Huttese. It is an excerpt with phrases and dictionary terms from the upcoming
Beeps, Bleats, & Boskas: The Star Wars Galaxy Phrase Book and Travel Guide by Ben Burtt. I have already added content from it on my site in the Huttese 101 and Dictionary pages and will add phrases shortly. Pick up the magazine if you're interested and check out my new additions!
June 1, 2001
Added some more Huttese to Script; namely Greedo and some Commtech Chips.
May 31, 2001
Added phonetically transcribed script from Phantom Menace movie.
May 8, 2001
Ok, this is it, this is the last version of the Wermo's Guide to Huttese I'm going to make. My first page I can't get to because I forgot what email and name I have it under so if you go to that old version, you'll see it hasn't been updated since September of 2000. The second one I have to delete cause it's taking up too much space on my other site Interior Design with Star Wars, and I guess I'd rather have this as a separate site than as an add-on to that one.
So here we are, the official blast off to the final version of The Wermo's Guide to Huttese.
There are alot of buttons up there but that's just so you know what is on this site. For example, if you press the Huttese-Episode I button, you will be taken to a page where all of the Huttese Script is located. You will not only get Episode I but Episode II through Episode VI plus Other. The Basic-Huttese Dictionary is located on the same page as the Huttese Basic Dictionary. Huttese 101, however, is one page on its own. Is that confusing? Sorry. You'll just have to check it out for yourself. : )


A Personal Note From the Author:

Greetings exalted ones. My name is Summer and I am a GIRL. :P The Complete Wermo's Guide is a take on The Complete Idiot's Guide series of how-to books. Although I have background in several languages, namely French, German, and a little of this and that, I am by no means a professional linguist, nor do I have any affiliation with those that developed Huttese for Master George. However, I do have a great interest in learning Huttese and aiding others in learning it as well, even if only through a web page. The words on this site are for the most part ALL CANONICAL, meaning they are from OFFICIAL Star Wars sources, I do not make any of the dictionary words up myself, UNLESS AND ALWAYS otherwise noted by me.  I hope this guide is in some way useful to those who share my love and admiration of all things Star Wars. Please E-Mail me and tell me how I could add or detract from this guide to make it better. Also, if I have made any errors, a little Jedi wisdom would be appreciated. And of course if you have any Huttese or other Star Wars language related questions I will be glad to be of service to you. As you know, like Threepio, it is a work in progress. Thank you and enjoy!

A Plea on Behalf of Star Wars fans:

If any persons affiliated with Master George or his Padawan Learner Ben Burtt are viewing this page then please seriously consider making available an official Huttese grammar book for us. Thank you.

News at starwars.com is that a book of languages from the Star Wars universe will be made available sometime next year. It will contain some Huttese I'm sure. I am really looking forward to it although it's not exclusively Huttese.
Update update:
According to Star Wars Gamer #5, Ben Burtt's book should be coming out later this year!
Update update update:
The book is out as of August 7, 2001! Go buy it!
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